Katie Mahan plays Mozart's Prelude and Fugue in C major in the CPR Performance Studio on Sept. 8, 2017.

Pianist Katie Mahan recently treated us to a lovely and intriguing keyboard piece by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the CPR Performance Studio. She shared her interpretation of Prelude and Fugue, often called Fantasie and Fugue No. 1.

The opening prelude features huge descending melodies that sound exuberant at times and tumultuous at others. It's paired with a fun and charming fugue, which begins at 5:45 in the video above. You can hear why some of classical music's finest pianists, including Glenn Gould and Rudolf Serkin, also gravitated toward the piece and made their own memorable recordings of it.

More exclusive music from the CPR Performance Studio:

Mahan has been busy making studio recordings of her own. She's featured on a new disc of Leonard Bernstein’s complete solo piano compositions.

Here's another memorable session worth watching: Mahan's performance of Debussy, from her 2015 visit to the CPR Performance Studio:

Pianist Katie Mahan plays Claude Debussy's "Estampes." Recorded March 17, 2015, in the CPR Performance Studio.