Algo Leve



Disruptor Gallery, 2217 E Platte Ave, Colorado Springs, 80909

Event Description

“‘Algo Leve’
It means ‘something light’ in Spanish. It’s a reflection of the culmination of our works, it’s a lighter less tense take on art where we are having fun doing something different because tattooing has a lot of pressure as a medium, we needed this to lighten our spirits and get inspiration from another medium in order to create something less straining, something less intense, something light
Algo leve.”

This show is Disruptor Gallery’s first 2024 art show. Artists Fred Legarda, Julian Legarda, Justin Senior, and Morgan Beck will be featured along with Chris Mandile performing the accordion. Refreshments will be provided, join us to enjoy these talented artist’s work. Entry is free



Event Contact

Disruptor Gallery @ Shutter&Strum


[email protected]