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Pueblo Heritage Museum, 201 W B Street, Pueblo, 81003

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The Pueblo Archaeological and Historical Society welcomes geologist Dan Grenard to this FREE public lecture Oramel Lucas: Teacher, Minister, Naturalist, and Bone Wars Dinosaur Digger. This presentation is of interest to all those interested in the geology, paleontology, or history of our region.
In 1876 Oramel Lucas, third year student at Oberlin College in northern Ohio told school officials that he was taking time off to go west to Canon City, Colorado where his family was already living and make money so he could return and finish his degree. One day, hunting deer in the mountains north of Canon City he discovered a petrified bone. At the time, the long necked long tailed Jurassic period dinosaurs known as sauropods were completely unknown. This is Oramel’s remarkable story of excavating large bones and shipping them to Bone Wars paleontologist Edward D. Cope at his brownstone on Pine Street in Philadelphia.



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