National Repertory Orchestra: Opening Night: Slatkin Returns



Riverwalk Center, 150 W Adams Ave, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Event Description

"The NRO’s opening night concert sets the stage for our season’s theme, The Elements of Nature. In Smetana’s Vlatva: The Moldau, take a trip down the mighty river Vlata, meandering through woods and meadows, past palaces and castles ruins, and ultimately ending in the majestic Elbe. Kodály’s “Variations on a Hungarian Folksong” is a vibrant orchestral work that skillfully weaves intricate variations around a traditional Hungarian melody, while Williams’ The Lark Ascending beautifully captures the essence of a lark soaring through the English countryside. Finally, Hindemith’s Symphonic Metamorphosis vividly portrays natural themes with lush orchestration and dynamic shifts throughout."

SMETANA: Vlatva: The Moldau
KODALY: Variations on a Hungarian Folksong (The Peacock)
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: The Lark Ascending
HINDEMITH: Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber

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National Repertory Orchestra