Seicento Baroque’s Improvisation Workshop: Melodious Odyssey or 400 Years of Making it Up



Calvary Church Golden, 1320 Arapahoe St., Golden, 80401

Event Description

"Seicento Baroque Ensemble presents an improvisation workshop to help establish and improve your spontaneity and creativity in music. With the guidance of improvisation experts, you’ll learn how to let go and create new tunes, variations, riffs, and embellishments. The workshop ties in with Seicento’s Embellishment! concerts March 1-2, juxtaposing the vital role of improv in the 17th century (Baroque) era and in American Jazz. The workshop is for all levels of musicians. Bring your instrument – voice or other. Led by the Mark Diamond Jazz Trio, and Tina Chancey, gamba, fiddle, and kamenj. Evanne Browne, Artistic Director."