(Photo: Sasha Y. Kimel)


Audio: Stories from Roger Sanders and Miguel Valenzuela

June 20, 2013
Roger Sanders provided health care to undocumented laborers, and Miguel Valenzuela's mother was recently deported to Mexico.


Audio: Stories from Fred Elbel and Diana De Armas

June 20, 2013
Diana de Armas Wilson's family took a very long road to Boulder, and Fred Elbel says overpopulation and immigration are intertwined.


Audio: Stories from Jennifer Piper and David Di Carlo

June 20, 2013
Jennifer Piper fears her family could be torn apart. David DiCarlo fled Arizona for Colorado -- because, he says, living near the border was unbearable. 


Audio: Stories from John Randolph and Helen Krieble

June 20, 2013
John Randolph shares experinces from the 26 years he worked as a border patrol agent, and Helen Krieble says Americans won’t do the jobs she has to offer


Audio: Stories from Fernando Ruiz

June 26, 2013
Fernando Pages Ruiz, a building contractor in Thornton, emigrated from Argentina. He says his business relies on guest workers.  


Audio: Stories from John Harold and Selso Roque

June 28, 2013
John Harold, a farmer in Olathe, says he depends on guest workers from Mexico. Selso Roque, a worker on Harold's farm, has been trying to become a legal resident since 2003. 


Audio: Stories from Tillman Farley

July 30, 2013 
Tillman Farley is a doctor at the Salud Family Health Center in Fort Lupton. The clinic serves a largely immigrant population in northern Colorado. 


Audio: Stories from Jerry Green

August 2, 2013
Jerry Green is a baker in Telluride who says he couldn’t survive without immigrant labor. Earlier this summer, he traveled to the US-Mexico border in search of workers for a crazy busy time -- the Telluride Bluegrass festival. 


Audio: Stories from Denny Otsuga

October 21, 2013
Denny Otsuga is originally from Japan. Currently, he is an executive in Fort Collins. He talks about the trials of renewing his work visa year after year. 


Audio: Edgar Hinojosa's story

November 19, 2013
Edgar Hinojosa struggled to transfer college credits earned in Mexico to a degree program in the U.S. After many years, he's finally living his dream. He recently opened a veterinary practice in the Denver neighborhood of Green Valley Ranch. 

Part Eleven

Audio: Alex Alvarado's story

December 6, 2013
Alex Alvarado was brought to the U.S. by his parents when he was a toddler. He's in college now, but his future after graduation rests on the fate of immigration bills in Congress. 

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