Ultrarunner Jason Romero is on a multi-month journey across the United States. He's running more than 3,000 miles from California to Massachusetts to "demonstrate that the blind are capable of anything, if just given the chance." 

(Hart Van Denburg/CPR News)

 This story first aired April 1, 2016.

"Who needs sight when you have 'vision'?"

That's the motto of ultramarathoner Jason Romero. His accomplishments are numerous, including winning the 50-mile San Jorge endurance race in Puerto Rico in February. He beat the course record by more than an hour and a half.  And he did it legally blind. This week he's running even farther--much farther. He's on a 3,200 mile trek across the U.S. from Los Angeles to Boston to inspire other blind people that "anything is possible."  Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel spoke to him days before he embarked on his cross-country journey.

A documentary about Life, Challenge, Passion and Running. Ultra-runner Jason Romero attempts the first non-stop trans-island crossing of Puerto Rico (183 miles) by a blind person.