Bluegrass fans in Colorado are starting to take note of two young talents from Parker who play together as the Cody Sisters. Megan, 14, sings lead vocals, and Maddy, 12, wrote two songs on the duo's new album, Strings, which is a mix of covers and originals -- including one written by their father, Steve.

Megan, left, and Maddy, right, of Parker, Colorado. They perform bluegrass as the Cody Sisters.

(The Cody Sisters)

They got started in music by mimicking Steve, who plays guitar around the house. Then they joined in at jam sessions at bluegrass festivals, and they regularly participate in RockyGrass Academy in Lyons. They have more than a dozen shows scheduled this summer, from Estes Park to Canon City. The Cody sisters spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.