Sufjan Steven's heroic "Mr. Frosty Man"

(Photo: YouTube / courtesy of the artist)

Just as Black Friday seems to creep further and further into Thanksgiving Day, Christmas seems to be taking over earlier and earlier in the year. By mid-October this year, I noticed green and red gift displays cropping up in department stores. “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” played in the grocery store when I bought my Halloween candy.

While I’m no Grinch, this over-eager attempt at spreading Christmas joy is lost on me. 

I want to savor Halloween and Thanksgiving and regular life without having to look forward to one particular date weeks or months away. But while I won’t be caught humming “Dashing Through the Snow" in November, some songs that are supposedly for Christmas time wind up in my regular playlists all year long.

The themes in these songs deal with family stress, disappointment or simple joys; matters that seem amplified over the holidays, but are always relatable. 

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas playlist that avoids the over-played or over-sappy, or are looking for some great music you may have cast aside as just for the holidays, this is my gift to you.

Sour Boy Bitter Girl - "Tradition"

Galaxies - "Did I Make You Cry On Christmas"

Kevin Costner Suicide Pact - "Ave Maria"

Sufjan Stevens - "Mr. Frosty Man"

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - "Ain’t No Chimneys in the Projects"

Candy Claws - "Alp Shades" 

Clarence Carter - "Back Door Santa"

Deep Sea Diver - "It’s Christmas Time (And I’m Still Alive)"

Dr. Dog - "Rejoice"

Eyes Lips Eyes - "I Slept in Through Christmas"

Beyond the tracks above (and supplying a good amount of them) is a cache of treasures to be found in the "Act So Big Forest Christmas Forest" compilation series. They have seven volumes all available for free download. "Volume 8: Feast of Dedication" is coming soon!