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An unbelievable journey of life that led to a breakout career in music with Abraham Alexander

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26min 43sec

After hearing soul singer Abraham Alexander fill a room with is sweet, powerful vocals you wouldn't believe that he didn't start singing until only 7 years ago. One of the moments that started his whirlwind career was being in the right time and place. He recounts being in the studio recording with Leon Bridges on his debut album. Now he's released his debut album into the world Sea/Songs (Dualtone Music Group). Watch or listen as Abraham Alexander talks with Host Alisha Sweeney about never losing childhood joy during his early years living in Greece, some of the most powerful stories behind his standout tracks, and how the full body of work embarks on a journey of growing up with his brothers and the time they spent together.

Songs performed:

  • "Eye Can See"
  • "Today"
  • "Déjà Vu"


Alisha Sweeney / Host

Demi Harvey / Digital Editor

Irvin Coffee / Videographer

Justin Peacock / Audio Engineer & Mixer