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Anchondo And Ahmad-Post On Air Check

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On this epsiode of Air Check, Aisha Ahmad-Post, Artistic Director of the ENT Center for the Arts sits in on the music roundtable discussion, and we hear an encore performance from Hector Anchondo who played the 2019 Blues Under the Bridge Festival. 

PART ONE: Music Roundtable

Jeff's Pick:

Thom Yorke - Impossible Knots

Vicky's Pick:

Jessy Wilson - Oh, Baby

Aisha's Pick:

Natalie Lafourcade - Tú Sí Sabes Quererme

PART TWO: Hector Anchondo

Hector Anchondo and his band amassed a league of new fans at this year's Blues Under the Bridge Festival on July 13th. Despite being a young musician, he and his band have earned plenty of hard won recognition at both the 2015 and 2016 International Blues Competitions in Memphis, and he continues to follow his muse touring in support of his craft along with his wife and kids. Hector dropped into the studios the day after Blues Under the Bridge to talk with Vicky and play a couple songs in the KRCC studios.