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Caveman Teases The Forthcoming Concept Album ‘Otero War’ At OpenAir

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>

The band Caveman tells a story on its website about a group on a desert planet who seek an "archaic apparatus." The device is said to end the so-called "Otero War," which is the title of the forthcoming third album from the Brooklyn band.

Caveman will release "Otero War" on June 17. The band was tight-lipped about the concept behind the new album when they recently performed new songs at OpenAir. But frontman Matthew Iwanusa did tell OpenAir's Jeremy Petersen that the album features a cohesive, central story.

Iwanusa also discussed signing to Cinematic Music Group, writing while on the road and incorporating electronic instruments into the band.

Stream the session and watch an exclusive video of the "Otero War" song "Life Or Just Living" above. Read interview highlights and watch more video below.

Iwanusa on learning to write music while on tour:

"We just were touring so much that it was just a different type of process to learn how to write and still be excited about it. ... I did a lot of the writing in the van. Sometimes people would get annoyed. Depending on what pair of headphones I had they could hear everything."

Songs performed:

  • "80 West"
  • "Never Goin' Back"
  • "Human"

"80 West"

"Never Goin' Back"