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Colorado (And Ugly Politics) Inspired Benjamin Park’s ‘For Purple Mountains’

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<p>(Photo: Courtesy of Flatirons Chamber Music Festival)</p>
<p>Composer Benjamin Park</p>

Composer Benjamin Park felt exhausted during the 2016 election. He remembers the nonstop political coverage and the growing tension within the United States. He decided to write music that embodied the disconnect -- and addressed the division.

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The result is "For Purple Mountains" -- a composition written for the inaugural year of a chamber music festival in Boulder, Colorado. Ben used portions of the melody from "America the Beautiful" to write a piece about the harsh political divide in our country. He also took inspiration from the majestic landscape of Boulder.

Hear a recording of Benjamin Parks's "For Purple Mountains" in the CPR Performance Studio -- played by musicians from the Flatirons Chamber Music Festival -- in this episode of Centennial Sounds from CPR Classical and Colorado Public Radio.

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