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In ‘Notes From Clyfford Still’ Composer Nathan Hall Sets A Painter’s Vision To Music

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(Photo: Courtesy Nathan Hall)
<p>Composer Nathan Hall</p>

Composer Nathan Hall is fascinated with the works of abstract painter Clyfford Still. He’s visited the artist’s work at the Clyfford Still Museum in downtown Denver. Still's large, vibrant paintings fill the galleries there. The museum also owns hundreds of letters and journal entries that give a glimpse of Still’s artistic vision -- and often difficult personality.

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Nathan recently set out to compose music about Still. He combed through the artist's writings in the museum archive and set some of the colorful passages to music. The finished piece is the sound of a brash young artist who grew into an influential painter at peace with his place in the art world.

Hear "Notes From Clyfford Still" performed by the Playground Ensemble in the CPR Performance Studio -- and hear how Nathan built the piece from what he found in the Clyfford Still Museum's archives -- in this episode of Centennial Sounds from CPR Classical and Colorado Public Radio.

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