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Indie 102.3 Live Sessions with SOAK

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Hailing for Northern Ireland is indie band SOAK. Being in the music scene for nearly ten years and creating music band member Bridie Monds-Watson reflects, "I've grown up so much...I know what I want and are more confident." Back with their third studio album if I never know you like this again (Rough Trade) the album details happy accidents to heartbreaking experiences as it flows through the singer's life through the last few years. Watch a full performance of stripped down songs from the album in the Indie Lounge as well as an interview with Host Alisha Sweeney.

Songs performed:

  • "Last July"
  • "Bleach"
  • "Red Eye"
  • "Swear Jar"


Host and Producer: Alisha Sweeney

Digital Editing: Demi Harvey

Audio Engineer: Justin Peacock

Videography: Irvin Coffee