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Kramies Performs Folk-Pop Songs At CPR’s OpenAir

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Bruce Mitchell)</p>

Kramies Windt visited our studio earlier this year as a backing member of Joe Sampson's band. But the Denver singer-songwriter makes his own brand of acoustic folk music that has gained an international audience. Under the name Kramies, Windt has worked with producer Jason Lytle of Grandaddy and collaborates regularly with Colorado musicians like Sampson and Anthony Ruptak.

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Kramies returned to the CPR Performance Studio this month to play four of his own songs. He also spoke with Jeremy Petersen about his hiatus from making music, working with the Australian record label Hidden Shoal and his forthcoming new album.

Stream the session and watch Kramies perform "The Wooden Heart" above. See more videos on our YouTube page.

Songs performed:

  • "Sea Otter Cottage"
  • "The Wooden Heart"
  • "Kite Ropes"
  • "Antiquarian Days"