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Lost Walks Tell The Story Of A Mountain Wolf Encounter On Debut Album

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>Lost Walks</p>

The husband-and-wife team between Denver band Lost Walks originally set out to create a Disney-style musical. But -- as singer-songwriter Andy Thomas and singer and accordion player Jen GaNun recently told CPR News -- a visit to the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center in Divide, Colo., shifted the band's direction toward rock.

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Lost Walks features members of Colorado acts Andy Thomas' Dust Heart, FaceMan, The Knew and Strange Americans. The band's recent debut album, "Wolf, Woman, Man," tells the story of a couple that moves into a remote mountain location and encounters a lone, injured wolf.

Lost Walks joined us in the CPR Performance Studio to perform four songs from the new record. The members also spoke with Alisha Sweeney about the inspiration for the characters on "Wolf, Woman, Man," raising awareness for wildlife rescue and how the band developed the visual aspect of its live shows with local artists.

Watch Lost Walks perform "Always Been Cold" above. Read interview highlights below.

Singer and guitarist Andy Thomas on combining the sound of Disney musicals with Gothic-style rock:

"We figured out that's kind of the balance of us. We like things that are lighthearted and fun but we also have this darker side. We like Tim Burton, we like Nick Cave."

Singer and accordion player Jen GaNun on working with painter Liz Holland and photographer Alvino Salcedo for Lost Walks' live show:

"They have both worked in wildlife rescue before, so they're very close to this project in the way that they believe it should also be a benefit for the wolves. When we asked them first to come along, it was not only because of their love for wildlife, but because they are beautiful artists in their own right."

​Songs performed:

  • "In The Wilderness"
  • "Always Been Cold"
  • "The Prettiest One"
  • "In Full Bloom"