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No Equity, No Voice

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Racial tension has been building in Colorado Springs School District 11 for some time. School volunteer Melissa Hall was racially abused by a white parent in the school parking lot. But tension escalated when the superintendent abruptly resigned and a school board member made racial comments toward Black men who attended a school board meeting. In this episode we follow Melissa Hall, a Black parent, as she feels the full impact of withholding equity policies as a school volunteer and a mother of four kids.

Host and producer: Jo Erickson
Editor: Erin Jones
Producers: Rebekah Romberg, Kibwe Cooper, Emily Williams
Theme music by Daniel Mescher. (Additional music via Universal Production Music.)
Art: Maria Juliana Pinzón
Executive producers: Brad Turner, Kevin Dale
Additional editorial support: Jenny Brundin, Rachel Estabrook, Sherkiya Wedgeworth-Hollowell, Luis Antonio Perez
Thanks also to Jodi Gersh, Clara Shelton, Mia Rincón, Arielle Wilson, Hart van Denburg.