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Sunny War does what she does best: combining folk, rock, and jazz seamlessly performing new music

If you're looking for your latest folk and blues obsession, look no further than artist Sunny War. Born in music city Nashville, TN, the musician picked up a love for music early--learning to play guitar at 13 year's old. Sunny War's early career consisted of punk music, which can be felt in with the intense emotion delivered on some of the tracks for her 2023 album Anarchist Gospel. The album begins with a soulful ode to gospel music with a heavy dose instrumentals rooted jazz. As the album weaves along, you hear an internal fight Sunny War details so passionately through her songwriting. There are many lovely additions in the compilation thanks to special guests like Allison Russell to My Morning Jacket's Jim James. From an already stunning album comes stripped down arrangements for a must watch performance in the Indie Lounge.

Songs performed:

  • "Whole"
  • "No Reason"
  • "New Day"


Production Assistant and Digital Editor / Demi Harvey

Videographer / Irvin Coffee

Audio Engineer / Pedro Lumbrano

Mixer / Justin Peacock