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Symphony No. 3: Dedicated To ‘The Memory Of A Great Man’

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With his Third Symphony, Ludwig van Beethoven expanded the idea of what a symphony could be. The "Eroica" was longer and more intense than a traditional symphony and called for a larger orchestra.

The man who helped inspire the symphony? Napoleon Bonaparte, a leader whose vision initially captivated Beethoven. Then Napoleon crowned himself emperor, and a disgusted Beethoven responded by dedicating the finished piece to "the memory of a great man."

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Here's the Berlin Philharmonic and conductor Leonard Bernstein playing Symphony No. 3:

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Some of CPR Classical's favorite recordings of Symphony No. 3:

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Host Monika Vischer on Symphony No. 3:

All of Napoleon’s most virtuous ideals, his fight for independence and opportunity, are expressed in this gargantuan tribute to mankind.

Napoleon’s self-coronation changed that. Beethoven found it repulsive. He scratched Napoleon’s name from the title page of the score and eventually published the work with the title "Heroic Symphony -- composed to celebrate the memory of a great man." 

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