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The Sounds Of CC And A Colorado Favorite On Air Check

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40min 34sec
Inaiah Lujan
Brandon Sodor

Jeff and Vicky share the musical roundtable with Mimi Norton Colorado College student and general manager of the Sounds of CC radio station, and Colorado favorite, Inaiah Lujan plays us a few new songs and talks about his journey as a member of The Haunted Windchimes and in/Planes to establishing a solo career.

PART ONE: Music Roundtable

Vickys Pick:

Khruangbind and Leon Bridges - Texas Sun

Jeffs Pick:

Wood Brothers - Don't Think About My Death

Mimi's Pick:

Tennis - Need Your Love

PART TWO: Inaiah Lujan

Jeff speaks with Inaiah about his latest solo venture following his split with wife and musical partner Desi Garcia who was a band member of the popular Haunted Windchimes, and in/Planes. In this segment of Air Check Inaiah plays a couple of new solo tunes that are yet to be released.