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Terra Firma is a new podcast that combines writing about nature with the sounds of the outdoors.

It’s hosted by CMarie Fuhrman — a writer, a poet, an educator, an indigenous woman. Each episode pairs CMarie’s writing with recordings by Jacob Job. He’s a conservationist, an educator, a man very concerned with protecting wild places and with sound.

The sounds in Terra Firma come from places like Buena Vista, Colo,, and a snowy field in late December. Or to Bluff, Utah at the top of Comb Ridge. Or the Payette River in Idaho.

It’s a podcast for those who cannot leave their home, or don’t have the time or access to these places. Take a walk up a mountain, or sit with me beside a river or be CMarie’s companion in these wild places.

Terra Firma arrives on Jan 25. Find it on your favorite podcast app. And don't miss an episode.

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