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Why Daniel Kellogg’s String Quartet No. 1 Isn’t Actually His First String Quartet

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<p>(Photo: Courtesy of the artist)</p>
<p>Composer Daniel Kellogg  </p>

Daniel Kellogg, who teaches composition at the University of Colorado, loves the string quartet. Some of history's greatest composers wrote their most extraordinary music for two violins, a viola and a cello. So Daniel took the job seriously when he set out to write a big statement that he ultimately called String Quartet No. 1. He had worked up to it. He wrote a half-dozen pieces for string quartet before he composed this one.

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We visited with Daniel at the place where his love affair with the string quartet began: Harris Concert Hall in Aspen. It's where Daniel first experienced Bela Bartok's six riveting quartets as a 19-year-old student. And it's the venue where his bold, yearning String Quartet No. 1 made its debut last July.

Hear a recording of the world premiere of String Quartet No. 1 -- played by the Grammy-winning Pacifica Quartet at the Aspen Music Festival & School -- in this episode of Centennial Sounds from CPR Classical and Colorado Public Radio.

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