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WMN And The Queen City Of The Plains Features Prominent Women Of Denver’s Music Scene

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Photo: WMN And the Queen City of the Plains at CPR's OpenAir
WMN And The Queen City Of The Plains

Some prominent women of Denver's music scene collaborated this month for a two-night show at Denver's Syntax Physic Opera. Billed as "WMN And The Queen City Of The Plains," the unique concerts featured members of eight female-fronted Denver bands.

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Prior to the shows, we welcomed a few artists who participated into our CPR Performance Studio -- including Jess Parsons and members of Ivory Circle, Bluebook and Sinkra. These four acts each took a turn playing an original song.

They also spoke with Alicia Bruce Mitchell about how the concerts came together with the help of musician Wes Watkins and the many hard-working female musicians in Denver.

Stream the session above.

Songs performed:

  • Connie Hong of Ivory Circle: "Drown"
  • Bluebook: "Keep Me"
  • Jess Parsons: "Ride Us To The Grave"
  • Sinkra: "Put Your Plans Aside"