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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Chapter 1: The Young Genius

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The young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

A child is born in Salzburg with indescribable, incomprehensible talent for music and composition. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart travels the world as a child and rubs shoulders with the greatest composers in Europe.

It wasn't always a thrill for young Mozart. When he was just 12 years old, he was commissioned to write an opera. Overnight, Mozart went from a cute child prodigy to a major threat. The established composers in Vienna, angry that they were skipped over for the commission, threatened to hire protesters to boo and hiss at the performance of Mozart's first major opera. This marked one of many challenges Mozart would overcome.

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Check out a timeline of key events in Mozart's life, and hear the music featured in this series in our Spotify playlist below.

Timeline: Key Moments in Mozart's Life

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