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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Chapter 3: Breaking Free

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A portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

After years of frustration, Mozart enjoys great success on the operatic stage and a meteoric rise in the Viennese artistic scene. He essentially reinvents the keyboard concerto in the process. He also breaks free from his Salzburg employer and his family -- and he marries Constanze Weber.

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But the breakthrough didn't happen easily. Mozart had to get out of his contract with his employer, the Archbishop Colloredo, who reacted by hurling insults at Mozart. To make matters worse, Mozart's own father sided with Colloredo and called Mozart ungrateful and foolish. And just to put a point on the matter, Colloredo had Mozart escorted to the door, where he was given a swift kick on the rear end on his way out. It marked tumultuous start to Mozart's groundbreaking new life as a freelance composer.

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