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April 24, 2024: Colorado’s evolving law to protect newborns whose mothers use drugs; Ants and climate change

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Ants Climate Change
Molly Cruse/CPR News
Anna Paraskevopoulos, a Ph.D. student at CU Boulder, holds up a vial of ants she collected in Gregory Canyon on April 17, 2024. The vial is connected to a device called an “aspirator,” which she used to suck up and collect individual ants as part of her study on how climate change is affecting ants.

It's tricky to protect newborns whose mothers use drugs; how Colorado's law has evolved to serve infants and families. Then, ants are sensitive to temperature, and in a canyon in Boulder, climate change means they're on the move. Also, a prison art exhibit at the state Capitol. And, a chorus of men finds self-acceptance on the Green River.