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Baking Soda

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Nahcolite and baking soda

Whether you're a baker or not, you probably have a box of baking soda at home. It’s a household multitasker. And there’s a good chance your baking soda came from Colorado. The northwest corner of the state holds one of the world’s largest deposits of nahcolite, naturally-occurring sodium bicarbonate that formed 50 million years ago, when Colorado was much warmer and wetter. Rain carried sodium from rocks into a huge ancient lake, with no outlet to the sea. Those salty waters became concentrated and dissolved carbon dioxide – the building blocks of nahcolite – named for its chemical formula: Na (for sodium), H, C and O. Today it’s mined with hot water pumped nearly two thousand feet underground to dissolve the mineral. And from this solution, sodium bicarbonate is extracted: for pharmaceuticals, animal feed, as well as in your cakes and cookies, and cleaning products.

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