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A snowy day over Colfax Avenue near City Park. Nov. 17, 2022.
Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite
A snowy day over Colfax Avenue near City Park. Nov. 17, 2022.
Colfax: the man behind the longest street in America

When he first visited Colorado, Schuyler Colfax was stepbrother to a Denverite – and near the front of the line of succession to be US President.

In 1865, the Indiana congressman was speaker of the US House of Representatives and a good person to get friendly with, as he held the federal purse strings. So renaming 15th Avenue "Colfax Avenue" in his honor was likely for some kind of favor – though today, no one seems to know just what that might have been.

Schuyler Colfax rose one step higher on the national stage – Vice President to Ulysses S Grant for a term, but then a corruption scandal took him out of the light. But Colfax Avenue goes on. The longest commercial street in America. Street signs stretch across the whole metro area and onto the plains from Golden to Strasburg – all stamped with the name of a man from Indiana who might have been president.

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