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Colorado Lends Firefighters And Engines To California; Asking Tourists To ‘Leave No Trace’; Legal Battle In The Film Industry

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Colorado's lending dozens of firefighters and engines to California; mental health workers to Puerto Rico; and medical examiners to Las Vegas. States often help each other out, but is the West prepared for a future with more natural disasters? Then, hikers aren't supposed to leave garbage -- or anything else -- behind on trails, but Coloradans and visitors here still do. What the state's doing to teach not just locals, but also tourists, to 'leave no trace.' And, the movies are big business, especially when it comes to where certain films get shown. It's led to a legal battle based in Denver. Plus, on the first pages of a new novel, a high school student is murdered, and her body is discovered in a playground in the fictional town of Broomsville, Colorado.