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Colorado’s Senators On Health Care; A Crash Course In Start-Ups For Cuban Entrepreneurs; ‘Real Food’ And ‘Thank You’ Hoops

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The Affordable Care Act needs work, says Colorado's Democratic Senator Michael Bennet; adding that what House Republicans have come up with isn't what the doctor ordered. His Republican colleague, Cory Gardner, held another tele-town hall last night and health care came up. Then, the odds are stacked against Cuban entrepreneurs. Internet access is iffy. Many jobs there are prescribed. So a few have come to Colorado to learn how to break through. And, Boulder's Kimbal Musk hopes to reinvent the chain restaurant. What he means when he says the next great opportunity is "real food." Plus, Colorado State University's Emmanuel Omogbo is playing the best basketball of his career, despite tremendous loss -- the deaths of his parents, niece, and nephew last year. To thank the CSU community, he's calling this his "Thank You" season.