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Enos Mills

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Denver Post (Courtesy Denver Public Library)
A cartoon of Enos Mills from the Denver Post, Jan 20, 1915.
Enos Mills

One of Colorado’s crown jewels might not exist but for a chance meeting on a beach in California.

Enos Mills was only 15 when he homesteaded near Estes Park. He spent a lot of time exploring and learning as much as he could about the mountains. But while hiking on the Pacific coast, he met a kindred spirit – John Muir, a strong advocate for America’s wilderness areas, who became a mentor to Mills.

Back in Colorado, Mills worked passionately to preserve the wilderness around Estes Park. His efforts paid off with the creation of Rocky Mountain National Park in 1915, just a month after his mentor's John Muir’s death. At the park’s dedication Enos Mills said, “In years to come when I am asleep forever beneath the pines, thousands of families will find rest and hope in this park.”

In fact, more than 4 million people visited Rocky Mountain National Park in 2021.

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