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Father Dyer

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Father Dyer

Traveling preacher John Lewis Dyer had a lifelong wish to see Pikes Peak. In 1861, at the height of the gold rush, he made his way from the Midwest mostly on foot.

His experience with fierce Minnesota winters served him well as he traversed Central Colorado’s mountains to preach to miners in one rough camp after another. As a former miner, Dyer connected well with his flock, and earned their respect as he trekked long distances to serve, sometimes on ten-foot wooden skis. He was Methodist, but people called him “Father” Dyer.

To supplement a meager preacher’s income, he became a mail carrier, going from Alma to Leadville across Mosquito Pass at more than 13 thousand feet, often in treacherous weather. This perilous journey is relived in the Father Dyer Postal Route ski mountaineering race that goes over 3 peaks, including the one now called Dyer Mountain.

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