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Huerfano Butte

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(NordNordWest via Wikimedia Commons)
<p>Huerfano County got its name from Huerfano Butte &#8212; the orphan.</p>
Huerfano Butte

“Huerfano” is the Spanish word for “orphan.” And the namesake for Colorado’s Huerfano County seems exactly that: Huerfano Butte is a lonely little mountain miles from the rising Rockies to the west.

It’s been a landmark on the high plains of southern Colorado for centuries. “El Huerfano” was named when it was in Mexican territory. In the mid-1800s the Fremont expedition passed by and marveled at the mound’s rise from the surrounding plain, looking like "a mammoth sugar loaf." Road crews who built I-25 also took note, paving a pull-off at milepost 59 for northbound traffic to pause and ponder from the comfort of a car. Thousands of people pass by everyday, but even those who don't stop can't miss this stray protuberance with a story much older than human history. Millions of years old, Huerfano Butte is a "stark and lonely volcanic outcrop" that never erupted.

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