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July 12, 2023: A recent Supreme Court ruling could impact Colorado’s LGBTQ+ community

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Lorie Smith, Kristen Waggoner
FILE – Lorie Smith, a Christian graphic artist and website designer in Colorado, right, accompanied by her lawyer, Kristen Waggoner of the Alliance Defending Freedom, second from left, speaks outside the Supreme Court in Washington, Monday, Dec. 5, 2022, after her case was heard before the Supreme Court. In a defeat for gay rights, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority ruled Friday, June 30, 2023, Smith who wants to design wedding websites can refuse to work with same-sex couples. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

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Colorado outlawed discrimination against gay, lesbian, trans and bisexual people 15 years ago but the Supreme Court’s recent decision in the 303 Creative case could dismantle some of those protections. Ryan Warner speaks with Kyle Velte, a past president of the Colorado LGBT Bar Association. Then, poet Suzi Q. Smith uses birds to reflect on life in Denver.