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July 9, 2024: Helping older Coloradans stay in their homes; Creating connection through a simple call

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Virus Outbreak Fighting Loneliness
LM Otero/AP Photo
Dell Kaplan, 81, talks on her phone in front of her home in Plano, Texas, on May 15, 2020, as part of a program offered by the city of Plano to help older adults combat loneliness. Social Call in Denver offers a similar service.

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As people get older, many want to stay in their homes and age in place. But with the high cost of housing and the unexpected turns life can take, it can be a challenge. "The Golden Girls" project helps women 50 and older in Mesa County. And Housing Resources of Western Colorado works to help people stay in their homes. Plus, how a phone call overcomes the loneliness that can come with aging. And the Colorado Gerontological Society hosts the 35th annual "Salute to Seniors" on August 24.