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June 2, 2020: What It’s Like To Be Black In America Right Now

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Dan Boyce/CPR News
An organizer leads protesters toward the Colorado Springs Police Operations Center on June 1, 2020. Monday’s protests were quieter after a weekend of civil unrest in the state’s second-largest city.

Today, five black Coloradans from different walks of life share their experience in America right now: Elisabeth Epps of the Colorado Freedom Fund; State Representative Leslie Herod; Adrian Miller, head of the Colorado Council of Churches; Murphy Robinson, director of the Denver Department of Public Safety, which oversees the city’s police, sheriff & fire departments; and poet and speaker Theo Wilson. They reflect on the protests, both peaceful and destructive, that have followed the death of George Floyd. And what they hope comes next. At the end of the show, they share reading recommendations-- books that have deepened their understanding of themselves and of this country.