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Loyal Duke

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Loyal Duke
Loyal Duke

When a 19th century railroad worker lost his life on the job in Salida, he left behind his loyal spaniel Duke. The dog continued to go to the railyard every day, around the nearby Monte Cristo hotel.

With his winning personality, Duke endeared himself to everyone, from locals to train passengers and hotel guests who looked forward to affectionate greetings from such a smart, handsome and brave dog. Once a small child wandered onto the railroad tracks. Duke pulled him off and became a legend.

When Duke died in 1902, the local paper declared: “Few there are among us…who have as many warm, true friends as this faithful old dog.” He was buried on the summit of Little Tenderfoot Hill, which, for a few years, was called “Duke’s Hill.” His memory endures today in Salida’s Loyal Duke dog park, a motel now named for him, and in stories and memories of the town mascot everyone loved.

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