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May 9, 2024: Wrapping up the 2024 legislative session; Helping single moms get back on the road

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Courtesy Hands of the Carpenter
Priscilla Guerra, a single mother in Littleton, received low-cost car repairs from Hands of the Carpenter. Since 2003, the Colorado founded and operated nonprofit has supported the transportation needs of single mothers with dependent children to help them get back on the road to remain self-sufficient and care for their families.

From lowering property taxes to changing gun policy, we'll break down the hits and misses as state lawmakers wrap up the legislative session. Then, when the vehicle you depend on requires costly repairs, getting it fixed can be a total budget buster. We tell you about a Colorado nonprofit that is helping working single mothers get back on the road. Later, what to do with an old quarry near Colorado Springs? And how a fire changed Denver in 1863.