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Mid-Session Legislative Check-In; Trauma Faces Sudanese In Refugee Camps; Rodeo Announcer Dies

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Some of the thorniest issues affecting Colorado still have to be worked out at the state legislature and one of the key issues is transportation funding. CPR's Vic Vela, who covers the Capitol, has a mid-session check-in. Then, explaining why Coloradans pay wildly different local taxes for schools. And, millions have fled their homes during South Sudan's civil war, moving to refugee camps where sexual assault is rampant. We speak with a Denver attorney who has witnessed the devastation and will report this week to the United Nations. Plus, we remember an iconic voice in rodeo announcing. Also, photographer Joseph Collier became famous in the late 1800s for his images of Colorado. Now, his great-great-grandson has photographed the exact same spots for a book.