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Mount of the Holy Cross

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A photograph of Mount of the Holy Cross, taken in 1887 by photographer William Henry Jackson.
Mount of the Holy Cross

“There is a mountain in the distant West / That, sun-defying, in its deep ravines / Displays a cross of snow upon its side.” Those lines come from a sonnet by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called “Cross of Snow.” This tribute to his late wife was partly inspired by a Colorado fourteener: Mount of the Holy Cross near Minturn.

A favorite peak of painters, photographers and inspiration-seekers, Mount of the Holy Cross is named for a cross-shaped snowfield on its northeast face. But it is not as “sun defying” as Longfellow implied. A Colorado summer eventually does melt the snow down a steep, narrow rut into a sapphire-colored lake – it’s called the Bowl of Tears, another poetically inspired feature of the landscape.

Hiking straight up Mount of the Holy Cross can be arduous. One guide puts it this way: before the snow melts, bring a helmet, ice axe, crampons and plenty of rope; after snowmelt: Climbing is “Not recommended.”

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