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Nov. 30, 2023: Hip Hop Turns 50! Colorado’s place in this cultural phenomenon

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hip hop 50th anniversary Black Pegasus Old Man Saxon DJ Cavem Nikki Swarn
Chandra Thomas Whitfield/CPR News
Ietef Vita aka DJ Cavem Moetavation; Robert Houston II aka Black Pegasus; Saxon Kincy aka Old Man Saxon; and Nikki Swarn aka Amerykah Jones at the CPR News studios to talk about Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary and Colorado’s place in the cultural revolution.

Hip Hop marks a major milestone this year: its 50th anniversary! During that time, the musical genre has changed the world, influencing language, dance, education, politics, media, and so much more. But what is Colorado's place in all of this? Chandra Thomas Whitfield asked some of the biggest players in our state to join her in-studio. Radio personality Amerykah Jones (Nikki Swarn) and rappers DJ Cavem (Ietef Vita), Old Man Saxon (Saxon Kincy) and Black Pegasus (Robert Houston II).