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Rep. Mike Coffman On His DACA Plan; Paying For DPS Lunches; Charitable ‘Change Gangs’; Frustration With Black Hills Energy; ESPN Announcer Makes History

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The Trump administration has announced the end of DACA, the policy that protects immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children, and given Congress six months to figure out what's next; we speak with Republican Rep. Mike Coffman. Then, it used to be if a Denver student entered a passcode to pay for a school lunch and the account didn't have any money, they'd get a barebones meal. Why Denver has stopped that. Plus, they're kind of like book clubs, except they make charitable donations. "Giving circles" have gone virtual. Next, the Pueblo city council is so frustrated with the local power company, Black Hills Energy, that it may end the city’s agreement with the utility. And, history will be made at the Broncos opener, not on the field but in the announcer's booth.