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The Cash Register Building

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Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
Sunrise hits the downtown Denver skyline in cold weather with a blanket of snow, and reflects off the Wells Fargo Center, also known locally at the Cash Register Building, Oct. 30, 2023.
The cash register building

The most iconic skyscraper in Denver is quite possibly the one folks call the "Cash Register" building. With its double curved crown and long association with various banks, it may be no surprise that it was built in 1983 to mimic an antique cash register and originally intended for Texas. Accordingly, architect Philip Johnson’s postmodern design did not take Colorado’s snow into account, which could grow into huge drifts, slide off the curved roof – and smother people and vehicles on the street. So heating coils were installed on top of the building to deter accumulation.

At 52 stories high the building is not the city's tallest, though it may seem so as it scrapes the sky from the edge of north Cap Hill. Underground, the building’s vault was the scene of a deadly robbery in 1991, which left four dead and remains unsolved to this day.

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