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Kevin Beaty/Denverite
Damaged stop signs and uprooted trees in Highlands Ranch where a tornado was also spotted during severe weather on Thursday, June 22, 2023.

Colorado is west of “Tornado Alley” – the strip of states where tornadoes are most likely to form. Yet, the county in the U.S. with the most twisters is in Northern Colorado: Weld County, with nearly 300 since 1950.

Metro Denver is not immune either. Mid June 1988, a rash of severe thunderstorms produced six tornadoes in one afternoon – at rush hour. An F2 uprooted hundreds of elm trees in northeast Denver, while an F3 with wind speeds of 150-200 mph damaged nearly a hundred buildings downtown. Nobody was seriously injured. Among those who survived: a golfer thrown 40 feet, a woman who was sucked through a convenience store window while holding a baby, and a man who clung to a telephone pole in winds strong enough to rip off both his shoes, a sock and shirt buttons.

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