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Whitetail and mule deer

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Ryan Warner/CPR News
Deer grazing at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge in Commerce City.
Whitetail and mule deer

If you see a deer in Colorado, it’s either the Mule deer sporting big ears, or the White-tailed deer, named for the color under the tail it holds high when running away. You’ll find deer of both species across the state, but Mule deer are concentrated in the mountainous areas and the Western Slope, while Whitetails live mainly in the eastern plains. “Muleys” generally summer in the mountains, then as food becomes scarce, move to low-elevation winter ranges.

Out on the plains, though, the Whitetails do not migrate. It’s said that one in every 30 thousand fawns is an albino. White deer have a mythological place in many cultures. According to one Native American prophecy, when a pair of white deer appear, humankind is uniting.

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