A Journey Through The West: Past, Present And Future

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<p>(Courtesy Rinker Buck)</p>
<p>Rinker Buck and his brother, Nick, in central Wyoming as they attempt an authentic crossing of the historic Oregon Trail.</p>
Photo: Rinker and Nick Buck, Oregon Trail covered-wagon crossing, California Hill
Buck says the most challenging terrain of the trip was California Hill -- the upper crossing of the South Platte River -- in Brule, Nebraska.

This show first aired on 12/30/2015.

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  • "Seeing America Slowly": Journalist Rinker Buck recounts his covered-wagon crossing of the Oregon Trail with his brother, three mules and one dog.
  • "Ways to the West": Author Tim Sullivan says an unhealthy dependence on cars threatens the West's sustainability. So he road tripped across the region without one.
  • The winners and losers of driverless cars: Colorado author Rutt Bridges predicts these cars will reduce traffic and put taxi drivers out of work.