ABC’s ‘Blood And Oil’ Is A Modern-Day ‘Dynasty’

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ABC's "Blood and Oil" is a primetime drama set in North Dakota's Bakken oil boom. It stars Rebecca Rittenhouse, Chace Crawford, Don Johnson, and Amber Valletta.

ABC’s new primetime drama "Blood and Oil" is set amid the Bakken oil boom of North Dakota. It features a hard-driving tycoon, ambitious wildcatters gambling to make a fortune, and plenty of romance and betrayal. In other words, it's a primetime soap opera with the oil industry as a backdrop.

It's a formula that worked for the popular 1980s series "Dynasty," which was set in Denver and followed the sagas of the fictional Carrington family. Jonathan Thompson, senior editor of High Country News, says that romance and tuxedos don't always reflect the realities of the oil industry. Thompson spoke with Colorado Matters' host Ryan Warner.