As The Midterm Elections Hit A Feverish High, One Poet Writes, ‘Enough’

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Photo: Election Day 2016 Voting In Park Hill Denver (HV)
Voting at the Hiawatha David Jr. Rec. Center polling station in Denver's Park Hill neighborhood on Election Day 2016.

Like most of us, elections make David Rothman feel tired. But as Colorado Matters' resident poet, election season also inspires him. Rothman wrote a new poem, called "Enough," about those feelings.

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There has to be a better way than this:

The frantic pace obscuring what time means,

The endless sense that something is amiss,

The numbing cold upon the flickering screens.

There has to be a better way to live,

Where rage and outrage tire of their striptease,

Where we realize that to get we have to give,

Where opponents are not enemies.

We'd better find a way to cool it down.

We'd better learn to have more conversations.

We need to learn that we're a common noun,

Admit some calculus of variations.

Otherwise, well, you think this is rough?

I've never heard a fire say "Enough."