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Babi Yar Park in Denver created in solidarity with Ukraine

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Corey H. Jones/CPR News
The south entrance of Babi Yar Park in Denver.

When a Russian missile struck Babi Yar in Ukraine on March 1, there was additional outrage. That's because the attack was near a memorial that honors the tens of thousands of Jews who were massacred by Nazis there during World War II.

There is a Babi Yar Memorial Park in southeast Denver in solidarity with Ukraine. In September 1941, Nazi forces slaughtered more than 30,000 Jews in a ravine near the Ukrainian city of Kiev. Many more would die in similar massacres throughout the Soviet Union before the war ended in 1945. Yet, for many years, Soviet authorities tried to suppress the memory of such atrocities. And even today, Babi Yar isn’t nearly as well known as the Nazi concentration camps in Germany and Poland. History professor David Shneer researched and wrote extensively about the Holocaust. He spoke with Ryan Warner in 2011.